SPM 101: Get Scientific!

It’s hard to believe that Seattle Performance Medicine is celebrating its 8th birthday this fall. Looking back at my original vision of what SPM could provide for patients, I am excited about the progress we’ve made. Science is the foundation of what we do. My main objective has been to merge the highest quality scientific research available with clinical management to provide patients with the best chance of success in reaching their goals.

I have been a practicing physician for over 20 years and have always been committed to providing healthcare services that include early detection of disease, reduction of disease risk and enhancement of health and quality of life. After thorough evaluation and detection of underlying risk factors, SPM provides a team approach, offering education and guidance to help patients reach their goals. For some, that includes competitive athletic performance and for others it involves improving energy, achieving weight balance or reversing pre-diabetes.

We strive to provide the best guidance possible. My staff and I are continuously advancing our knowledge and will never be satisfied that we have learned all we hope to, or have done all we can to make a difference for our patients. We are dedicated to our patients’ success and feel privileged to work with such committed people who actively pursue their health and fitness goals. We are inspired by our patients, we eagerly take on challenges and we enjoy what we do every day.

Although we rely on science, we value subjective evidence. How a person feels and what they notice is incredibly important. We use objective markers and all that science has to offer to guide our recommendations rather than guessing at what is best, what is wrong, what is right . “Cookbook Medicine” and “Cookbook Coaching” doesn’t work for most people. Instead, our recommendations are based on a personal, individualized evaluation that includes family and personal history, and physical and physiologic analysis. Coming to SPM involves putting yourself ‘under the microscope,’ as no two individuals are the same. Our ‘get scientific’ approach is not for everyone but if you seek information and tools to take charge of your health, or if a data driven strategy is your style, we are a good match!

Stay tuned for lots of lively health and fitness related discussion.

Emily Cooper, M.D
Founder, Seattle Performance Medicine