Mathematics and Medicine: Preventing Type 2 Diabetes

Seattle Performance Medicine has a long history of turning to math to solve the clinical problems our patients face. Our reliance on science to sort out meaning from reams of data is evident in all we do. Whether consulting on fitness product performance or providing direct patient care, mathematical and statistical analysis provide essential information!

Type 2 Diabetes is a preventable disease, however by 2020 more than half of Americans will suffer from Pre-diabetes or full blown Type 2 Diabetes. In over 20 years of practice, I don’t recall any at-risk patient having developed Type 2 Diabetes while under my care and now I feel more confident than ever. We have teamed up with Katy Cook, mathematician, to help with data tracking for all of our patients at increased risk of developing this disease, and now we are also able to track each patient’s individual progress and ranking within the entire at-risk group.

This number crunching capability takes diabetes prevention to a level it rarely reaches in clinical practice. Recognizing common variables, we can now more accurately and efficiently predict an average rate of improvement, identify typical barriers to success and implement the most appropriate guidance and treatment.

Emily Cooper, M.D.

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