Exercise Testing

Seattle Performance Medicine houses an advanced physiology lab, which includes two high accuracy stationary gas exchange systems and two portable testing systems for field use. We are the only private facility in the US offering pool-based swim VO2max testing.

Testing is useful for all athletes from beginner to professional. For the greatest applicability, athletes should test in their usual sport. Cyclists test on a Racermate Velotron electronically calibrated ergometer.  Runners test on a precision calibrated Precor treadmill,  rowers test on a Concept II rowing ergometer and swimmers test in the pool utilizing a snorkel mask apparatus.

Each test is conducted and interpreted by an experienced Exercise Physiologist and Dr. Cooper personally meets with each athlete to discuss test results and provide in-depth interpretation and training recommendations.  Dr. Cooper has conducted or supervised over 3000 physiologic tests.  We use validated protocols, the most accurate equipment for data acquisition and sophisticated interpretive analysis.

Exercise Test & Consultation Options: Call for scheduling & pricing

Appointment Type Description
VO2max Single Sport:
Bike, Run, Row, etc…
Includes: Resting metabolic rate, VO2max, exercise metabolic rate, exercise fuel utilization, aerobic threshold (LT), anaerobic threshold (LAT), fractional utilization of VO2max and VO2max power at anaerobic threshold, HRmax, HR recovery, HR zones, power zones, training recommendations.1 session (3-4 hours)
VO2max Dual Multi-sport:
Bike & Run
Similar to VO2max Single Sport, but includes testing in both sports. Besides the VO2max Tri Multi-sport, this is the best option for Triathletes.1 session (4-5 hours)
Pulmonary Function (Pulmonary Stress Test) Screening for asthma and exercise-induced asthma. Only available as add-on to any VO2max test, including the swim test. Involves before and after exercise pulmonary function evaluation.
Firefighter Comprehensive Evaluation open to General Public Our firefighter evaluation. Includes: Sports physical, VO2max single sport with cardiac and pulmonary stress testing, oxygen saturation, strength & flexibility assessment, body composition, risk assessment, cardio, strength, flexibility, nutrition and medical recommendations, lab review (labs billed separately to insurance by lab).1 session (6 hours)
Anaerobic Capacity: Run Bike, Paddle or Row Maximal sprint testing (30-40 seconds depending on test). Results provide VLamax, analysis of max lactate production and peak power. Common test for sprint athletes, but very useful for endurance athletes as well, especially those with high aerobic capacity. Includes recommendations for carbohydrate intake and sprint training.1 session (1 hour) *cannot be done at same day as VO2max
Strength & Flexibility Assessment Power to weight ratios for major muscle groups, back and shoulder flexibility, strength score and percentiles, recommendations for strength & flexibility training.1 session (2 hours)
Resting Metabolic Rate Measurement of resting metabolism, includes daily metabolic rate, percentage of protein utilization (reflects metabolic state), predicted optimal nutritional intake range.
Body Composition, Sweat Test, Exercise-Induced Hormone Response Curve, Customized Field Testing
Various additional tests are available to analyze exercise fluid, electrolyte needs, and to evaluate stress hormone response to exercise and exercise performance in the field.